MUTINY: Hackers VS the State

LOS SANTOS, SA, 6/21/22 – Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer Welsh I am a Detective with the Major Crimes Division. I am here to address an ongoing issue happening here in the state. As people may already know, the Government has recently come under attack by a group calling themselves ‘MUTINY’. Law Enforcement are actively working to document every scene that has involved the group, and have thus far identified them to be a major threat to public safety. The Major Crimes Division asks that the people of the state refrain from provoking, engaging or otherwise antagonizing this group. With that being said, it has come to our attention that there have been multiple messages on Twitter of people displaying their bank account information and tagging MUTINY. As a result, we have already identified at least one account that has been hacked by the group. We urge the public to stop sending any personal information to MUTINY and further adding to this ongoing problem.

Finally, we are aware that the individual by the name of William Benning has been actively telling his followers to kill any possible member of MUTINY on sight. We do not condone this type of vigilante behavior and ask instead that anyone that may have information on the MUTINY group, their movements, or any their connections, to please bring these to the Major Crimes Division website where we have an anonymous tip line available for use. Any and all information sent in with this method is delivered directly to the Detectives within our division. At this time, I will be answering questions to the best of my abilities, however any questions directly relating to the case itself will not be answered. In regards to the power outage, in a prior press release, the Government advised the public that it is still an ongoing investigation. This is still very much the case, and so certain information will be kept confidential and Law Enforcement will be cautious with any information we give to the public at this time. Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Welsh, Detective