DANGER IN THE COUNTY – The Rise of Cult Activity

LOS SANTOS, SA, 3/10/22 – A group of dangerous individuals are stalking people around the state currently, with a majority of sightings happening in or around the county. Hunters are reporting masked individuals riding around in strange apocalyptic armor, with strange music playing from their
ATVs. Due to the increase in stalking, missing persons, and kidnappings now popping up in these remote areas, the Major Crimes Division and the San Andreas Parks Department is advising anyone and everyone wishing to enjoy our beautiful state parks or spend a day hunting to do so with a small group of people.

The Major Crimes Division also advises that people avoid exploring places out in the county they are not familiar with, as this group of individuals are known to lay traps in various abandoned areas. As of last evening, we had one of our Detectives targeted and taken, leading the cult in question to contact various news outlets for ‘an exciting story’. They feed off attention and chaos and could utilize these sorts of
scenes to indict said chaos, as they also had the entire area trapped. We advise any report, from any department to approach these calls with extreme caution and to notify Law Enforcement.

If you have any information regarding the cult, please contact the Major Crimes Division as soon as possible. If none are available, please give these statements to the San Andreas Parks Department, or the Police Department. If you are uncomfortable coming forward, we have an anonymous tip line available here.

Finally, we’d like to use this chance to thank the San Andreas Parks Department, the State Troopers, Los Santos Police, and the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office for their continued joint effort on these situations.