Ray Fritz / “The Cuticle Killer” / “XF”

In cooperation with the Los Santos Police Department and Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, the Major Crimes Division successfully recovered Bevans Garvey from the serial killer known as “XF”, formally identified as Ray Fritz.

On the evening of February 25th, 2022, at approximately 22:45 EST, law enforcement officers responded to an emerging situation at the Weazel News Headquarters on Palomino Avenue with reports of an ongoing hostage situation with a “serial killer”.

Upon arrival at the location, officers went to the top floor in the studio room of the building. Inside, one individual was covered in a copious amount of clay, and two males were standing beside him, later identified as Bevans Garvey. Ray Fritz began to become violent towards the other individuals around him, at one point pulling out a knife before kicking and punching Mr Garvey and another male. He was subsequently tasered but sustained other injuries incompatible with life and was pronounced dead by the responding paramedics, confirmed by medical professionals at Mount Zonah Medical Center.

The incidents over the past few months attributed to Mr Fritz have been nothing short of abhorrent. Despite the grave circumstances, we are pleased to inform the citizens of San Andreas that Mr Fritz no longer presents a threat to the general public of San Andreas. Despite this, we believe that Mr Fritz was likely not working alone in his operation. An unidentified individual, or group of individuals, could possibly be at large in the state. We encourage members of the public to submit any information to our newly established anonymous tip line on our website here: https://majorcrimesdivision.net/. However, our detectives will continue to work through each lead and apprehend any others responsible for these crimes and bring them to the full justice of the law as expeditiously and safely as possible.

 The Major Crimes Division would like to thank their law enforcement partners, and members of the public, who have shared information with the detectives leading the investigation and ultimately in the capture of Ray Fritz.